On 11th May 2009, QOTU trainer Ishtiaq Hussain delivered the first Radicalization Awareness Programme (RAP) training session in Urdu to Imams in the Midlands. The Imams were from different theological backgrounds and from different parts of the world and were very interested in the history of Islamist movements and how these movements operated here in the UK. They agreed upon the problem being with individuals who were politicising the faith and the need to combat extremist thought. Misconceptions about Quilliam were also dispelled and the true nature of Quilliam’s work was explained. The Q & A allowed Imams to express the problems they’d had with extremist groups in their respective mosques and how they had dealt with them. The training was very well received and the Imams supported the work Quilliam was doing.

Feedback from the organizer of the event:

‘The Imams’ session went really well, the Imams were positive about what you are doing and supported the cause.’