On 9th October 2009 QOTU Trainer Ishtiaq Hussain was invited to address an audience of 120 Lower Sixth Form students on the issue of Islamist radicalization. King Edwards School was founded by Royal Charter in 1552 and is one of the most successful boys’ schools in the UK.


Ishtiaq drew on his own experiences to explain how Islamist groups preyed on the concerns of young people for recruitment purposes. He also explained the difference between Islam and the modern political ideology ‘Islamism’. Ishtiaq was accompanied by George Readings, a former student of King Edwards School and now the Communications Officer at Quilliam. The talk was followed by a lively Q&A session in which students showed great interest in the subject.


Ishtiaq’s concluding message was for students to be careful of groups which provided very simple answers to complex geo-political concerns.  The event organiser and students expressed admiration for Quilliam’s work and expressed the desire to hold further events in the near future.