Quilliam International’s Winter Gala 2018

Quilliam International’s Winter Gala brought together hundreds of people with the same interest at heart: promoting solidarity between communities and highlighting the rise of anti-Muslim bigotry and anti-semitism. 

The theme of the gala was made all the more poignant by the murder of 11 Jews in Pittsburgh, United States, by a white supremacist last week. The evening was hosted by Saira Khan, TV presenter and Sunday Mirror columnist, and Laura Predalska, actress from the famous TV series Game of Thrones. 

Over the course of the evening, the guests were shown a number of videos. The videos showcased a wide variety of work, from the exhibition The Unmarked Body, curated by Rachel Maggart, in Jerusalem to the de-radicalisation of people such as Mohammed Khalid, the youngest person to be convicted of terrorism charges in the U.S. 

The speakers were survivors of violent extremism, Mindu Hornick, 90, who survived the Auschwitz concentration camp, and Ahmed Nawaz, 17, who survived a shooting in his school in Pakistan, and who tour the country together, drew a standing ovation. Simone Rodan-Benzaqu, director of the French branch of the American Jewish Committee, reminded the guests of the rising tide of anti-semitism in the world. 

Quilliam’s STEER training
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Quilliam International stands in Solidarity with the Jewish Community of Pittsburgh

“Neo-Nazism and Jihadism are two sides of the same coin”

Executive Director Quilliam US, Muhammad Fraser-Rahim, Ph.D. said:

“As a former counterterrorism analyst working within the US Government to track, disrupt, and deter individuals from going down the extremist pathway, I know that Jews are all too often in the crosshairs of extremists and hatemongers of all stripes. The suspected terrorist, Robert Bowers, appears to be a man who is steeped in the ideology of neo-Nazism and conspiracism directed at Jews. Neo-Nazism and Jihadism are two sides of the same coin. We must do everything we can to challenge and to root out the ideologies that drive hatred and violence against vulnerable communities.

Quilliam stands shoulder to shoulder with our Jewish brothers and sisters. Our thoughts are with the victims of these heinous acts and their families who must now rebuild their lives after the devastation of loss. ”


LISTEN: Listen to Quilliam’s Director of Policy, David Toube on Love Sport Radio with Kelvin MacKenzie discussing ISIS brides and de-radicalisation programmes.


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Listen to our new Podcast ‘Next in Q’ with your host Quilliam International’s Director of Policy, David Toube, as he continues his conversation with former al-Qaeda agent turned MI6 spy Aimen Dean titled ‘A British Spy out of Al-Qaeda’.


Listen to Quilliam International’s Researcher & Media Strategist, Muna Adil, appeared on BBC Radio 5 Live to discuss the grooming gang conviction in Huddersfield.


Executive Director to speak at 911 Memorial & Museum

NEW YORK – Quilliam International’s Executive Director, North America, Dr Muhammad Fraser Rahim, will be speaking at National September 11 Memorial & Museum in New York on ‘Africa and the Expanding Front of Violent Extremism’ on Tuesday, 13, November. #911MuseumTalk


READ: Quilliam International’s Executive Director, Dr Muhammad Fraser Rahim’s fascinating exhibit documenting the lives of West African Muslims titled ‘Enslaved and Freed African Muslims: Spiritual Wayfarers in the South and Lowcountry’ featured in the Lowcountry Digital History Initiative.


Executive Director Speaks at U.S. Embassy in Denmark

COPENHAGEN – Quilliam’s International’s Executive Director, Dr Muhammad Fraser Rahim, travelled to Denmark hosted by the U.S. Embassy in Copenhagen, to present on CVE models locally, globally and Quilliam’s rehabilitation models. Muhammad was a keynote speaker for a diverse group of countries throughout Europe and the U.S.


READ: Quilliam’s Chief Executive, Haras Rafiq, explains why the media saw Anjem Choudary as a “pantomime villain but he was the pied piper of Islamist terrorism, not only in the UK but in the west and around the world.”

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