Quilliam Preview New Report in The Guardian

READ: Quilliam International’s North America team headed by Dr Muhammad Fraser Rahim is featured in the Guardian on our work with Mohammed Khalid, who at 15, was the youngest person ever prosecuted for terrorism offences in the US. Read a preview of how our team led by Dr Rahim rehabilitated the youngest convicted terrorist in the USA.


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LISTEN – Quilliam founder, Maajid Nawaz on his LBC radio show stumps caller who says far-right extremism wasn’t a problem in Britain.


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Quilliam International Announce New Director of Policy David Toube

David was educated at Southampton University and at Brasenose College, Oxford, and is a barrister by training. He taught law at Queen Mary University of London, and then practiced law for 25 years, where he headed the European bank regulatory practice of a prominent international law firm.

David has been active in counter-extremism activism and writing for fifteen years, and has written for The Guardian and other news outlets, and for the prominent anti-extremist website, Harry’s Place. His focus is on far Left, far-Right and Islamist extremism, and on extremism, polarisation and conspiracism within political culture.

In an Out of Extremism USA

by Muhammad Fraser-Rahim


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LISTEN – Quilliam founder, Maajid Nawaz on his LBC radio show questions whether society is still coming to terms with extremism and terrorism after 7/7, as “we still struggle to understand how best to tackle it.”


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Head of Islamic Studies Addresses World Congress

PARIS – Quilliam International’s Head of Islamic Studies Dr Usama Hasan addressed 500 delegates from 100 countries on the topic of ‘Children and Violent Extremism: Lessons from the UK’ at the World Congress on Justice for Children, UNESCO House, Paris.

Dr Usama summarised Quilliam’s work and research in this area, as found in our reports : Children of Islamic State, Women of Islamic State, REFUGEE : Pathways of Youth Fleeing Extremism, In And Out of Extremism – UK, In And Out of Extremism – USA and Tackling Terror: A Response to Takfiri Terrorist Theology.


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Tackling Terror: A Response to Takfiri Terrorist Theology

by Salah Al-Ansari & Usama Hasan
Foreword by Adam Deen
Introducton by Maajid Nawaz

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READ: Quilliam International’s Director of Policy David Toube’s piece in the Metro, discussing Sajid Javid, Home Secretary publishing the Government’s comprehensive overhaul of our country’s counter-terrorism strategy: ‘Contest’.

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Quilliam’s Head of Islamic Studies, Dr Usama Hasan was featured on Sky News to discuss the anniversary of the London Bridge terrorist attack.

LONDON – Quilliam International’s Head of Islamic Studies, Dr Usama Hasan addressed 50 delegates from a dozen countries on ‘The Role of Theology in Radicalisation & Deradicalisation’ at IQPC’s 12th Annual Conference on Countering Violent Extremism, London.

Dr Usama summarised some of the key themes from Quilliam’s groundbreaking publication, Tackling Terror: A Response to Takfiri Terrorist Theology.


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SALISBURY – Quilliam International’s Dr Usama Hasan addressed a 50-strong congregation at St. Thomas’ Church in Salisbury on the topic, ‘From Extremism to Peacebuilding’ with 45-minute Q&A.

The talk was partly autobiographical and partly theological, based on Dr Usama’s original analysis of the four pillars of Islamism and post-Islamism.

Watch Dr Usama’s Quiz Quilliam series on this topic here.