Chief Executive Features on the Daily Politics


Haras Rafiq is interviewed by Emma Vardy on the Daily Politics show discussing the Prevent strategy (3:25).

Maajid Nawaz on LBC Radio

On his weekly LBC show, Founder Maajid Nawaz says UKIP’s true victory doesn’t lie with Brexit, but in doing something the Tories have never been able to.

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Executive Director Article Features in the Huffington Post

Adam Deen writes a new piece for the Huffington Post. In this piece he talks about how understanding the evolution of the Islamist terror threat, from Al-Qaeda to Isis and to Meta-Jihad (hyper-ideological struggle) is crucial if we are to take on the challenge of Islamist extremism. Read the full article here.

Founder – Maajid Nawaz is profiled on Asharq Al-Aswat Arabic. He discusses combating extremism, his critics, Quilliam and much more.


Head of Policy Chairs European Network Meeting


Quilliam Head of Policy Jonathan Russell, recently appointed co-chair of the Radicalisation Awareness Network Working Group on Communications and Narratives, helped train 30 NGOs from across the EU to prevent radicalisation and counter extremism at a grassroots level through effective communications campaigns.

Maajid Nawaz on LBC Radio

On his weekly LBC show, Founder Maajid Nawaz pleads with his ‘Muslim sisters’ to respect the current climate and remove their face veils. Listen here.

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Head of Islamic Studies Speaks at Cambridge University


Dr Usama Hasan addressed an audience of 50 people at St. John’s College Theological Society at Cambridge University. The Topic of the talk was, “Religion, Extremism & the work of Quilliam.” Usama covered the drivers behind extremism, including ideology and grievances, marginalisation and alienation, and discussed how this applies to all religions. The hour-long talk was followed by 45 minutes of Q&A focussing on religion and the state, shared values, violent/non-violent extremism and the Prevent strategy. Read some of Dr Usama’s writings on these topics here:

From Dhimmitude to Democracy: Islamic Law, Non-Muslims & Equal Citizenship.

The Balance of Islam in Challenging Extremism.

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Executive Director (North America) – Muhammad Fraser Rahim writes this new piece for the Islamic Monthly. He explains how the American Muslim community is not a monolith. It represents many communities and is as diverse ethnically and racially as it is ideologically and politically.

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Executive Director (North America) – Muhammad Fraser Rahim writes this new piece on Trump vs ISIS: Will this new Strategy Work.

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Senior Researcher Presents at Lancaster University.


Salah Al-Ansari introduced the work of Quilliam and delivered a summary of his upcoming report on ISIS which was attended by 70 students and academics organised by the Public Speaking Society. Salah spoke about what defines the Islamist ideology- its appeal to young people and the roots of radicalisation. There was also a Q&A which introduced the students to the important work Quilliam is doing.

Our Latest Report

: TerRa Report – Terrorism & Radicalisation – Evidence-based Policy Advice.


Quilliam Launch Terra Report


Quilliam and the Centre for European Reform (CER) jointly organised a panel discussion on ‘The future of European counter-terrorism policy: What next?

Senior Researcher Julia Ebner presented the findings of Quilliam’s EU-funded TERRA research that collected best practices in terrorism prevention from all across Europe and shared a panel with Lord Timothy Kirkhope, Prevent Consultant Sean Arbuthnot and Community Resilience Manager Ghaffar Hussain, chaired by CER’s Camino Mortera-Martinez. Read the full report here.