VOTE: We are very proud to announce Quilliam International’s Founder Maajid Nawaz has been nominated for his amazing work on LBC by Pink News as ‘Broadcaster of the Year’.


On his weekly LBC show, Quilliam Founder Maajid Nawaz outlines exactly why we can’t respond to terrorism with hate.

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Maajid Nawaz Joins Sky News Debate Show ‘The Pledge’

Quilliam are pleased to announce that our Founder, Maajid Nawaz, will be joining the Sky News show ‘The Pledge’ starting this Thursday 12th October 2017 as a regular panellist.

The Pledge is a no-nonsense, straight-talking debate show that features expert commentators and provides them with a platform to express their opinions in an open and frank discussion. The programme is entirely unmoderated, which allows participants to speak freely and passionately about issues that they, and the public, care about.

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Quilliam International Responds to the Largest Mass Shooting in US History

Quilliam International’s Chief Executive Haras Rafiq on BBC Two Victoria Derbyshire Live discussing British IS Recruiter Sally Jones who was confirmed killed in a drone strike.

READ (French): Quilliam International’s Executive Director (North America), Muhammad Fraser-Rahim’s blog piece –  I’m a Muslim and former Intel officer who chased Islamist extremists – we must now do the same with racist domestic terrorists.

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Executive Director Features in the Manchester Evening News

Quilliam International’s Executive Director UK, Adam Deen, features in the article by Chris Osuh in the Manchester Evening News – Turning vulnerable young men and women into terrorists – how radicalisation is spreading.

The article explores how Islamist extremists recruit people, on the streets and in jail, and what campaigners think can be done to stop it.

Children of the Islamic State
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Senior Researcher Meets with Imam of London Central Mosque

LONDON – Quilliam International’s Senior Researcher Dr Salah Al-Ansari met with the Chief Imam and Head of Islamic Studies Sheikh Khalifa Ezzat (Left) at London Central Mosque last Friday. The meeting explored the complexities of extremism , its various forms and the role of civil society in preventing it.

One of the positive outcomes of the meeting was Sheikh Khalifa affirming the pressing need to reform Islamic discourse as a means to prevent violent extremism.

Quilliam look forward to working with more mosques in the future and shaping the conversation of extremism together.

WATCH: Quilliam International’s Chief Executive Haras Rafiq discussing the recent death of Sally Jones and speaks about radicalisation, the growing Quilliam Circle and how you can get involved in the fightback against Islamist extremism.

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