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WATCH: Quilliam International’s Chief Executive, Haras Rafiq was on Sky News discussing Quilliam’s new report on dissecting Grooming Gangs and the issue of overrepresentation of South Asian offenders in convictions.

On his weekly LBC show, Quilliam International Founder, Maajid Nawaz speaks about our new ‘Grooming Gangs’ report and questions “why are we still, despite the years of evidence mounting up, uncomfortable talking about this issue?”

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DOWNLOAD: Brand New Report Dissecting “Grooming Gangs”


A new report by Quilliam International has found an alarming level of over-representation of (South) Asian men in group-based child sexual exploitation crimes, otherwise known as ‘grooming gangs’.

In light of the recent spate of these grooming gang cases reported in the UK, Quilliam has conducted its own research into this growing epidemic to determine whether this was a case of one-sided news coverage or whether South Asian-ethnicity individuals were indeed over-represented in this specific crime profile.

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Head of Islamic Studies in China

BEIJING – Quilliam International’s Dr Usama Hasan, Head of Islamic Studies, was a member of the UK’s Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) delegation to China, engaging in a roundtable discussion with leading Chinese academics and experts, including Muslim leaders. Topics discussed included freedom of religion, the concepts of “British Islam” and “Islam with Chinese characteristics,” counter-extremism and counter-terrorism.

The UK delegation learnt of the 12 centuries of native Muslim existence in China, based on values common to Confucianism, Buddhism, Daoism and Islam.  Usama also attended Friday Prayers at the 1,000-year old Niu Jie Mosque in Beijing, and met with the Imam there.


Group-Based Child Sexual Exploitation: Dissecting Grooming Gangs

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READ: Quilliam International’s Brand new report on Dissecting Grooming Gangs is featured in the Times where the authors of the report, Chief Executive Haras Rafiq and Researcher Muna Adil discuss the new report.

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READ: Quilliam International’s Researcher, Aya Faissal new piece – Do you celebrate Christmas in Egypt?

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READ: Quilliam International’s Researcher Muna Adil features in the Telegraph discussing Quilliam’s brand new report  ‘Group Based Child Sexual Exploitation: Dissecting Grooming Gangs’ and explains why “there are elements from within the British Pakistani community that still subscribe to outdated and sexist views of women.”

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WATCH: Peaceful Christmas Wishes from Quilliam!
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READ: Sammy Woodhouse, an exploitation victim turned campaigner, writes for Sky News and explains why the findings from Quilliam’s report on Grooming Gangs mirrors her own experiences.

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