WATCH: Quilliam’s Founder Maajid Nawaz speaks to ABC Lateline and discusses his four point plan to defeat extremism, his time in Hizb ut-Tahrir and whether the group should be banned.

Maajid Nawaz on LBC Radio

On his weekly LBC show, Founder Maajid Nawaz engages with  a Muslim Woman who called in and refused to condemn men beating women. Listen here.

WATCH: Quilliam CEO Haras Rafiq on BBC North West. He puts to bed the claim that Manchester Bomber was solely radicalised online, and names the places he visited as part of his radicalisation by osmosis.

Quilliam Founder Maajid Nawaz  features in ABC News article where he explains how the London Bridge terrorist assaulted Quilliam’s Dr. Usama Hasan last year.

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Chief Executive Speaks at The York Festival of Ideas

YORK – Quilliam Chief Executive Haras Rafiq spoke on a panel at the York Festival of Ideas discussing the threat to democracy. Haras spoke in great length about the triple threat (Islamism, Far-right and Regressive-left extremism), and what civil society can do to counter this threat. The Festival brought together a range of world-class speakers, exhibitions, performances and interactive experiences for people of all ages.

Quilliam Executive Director North America Muhammad Fraser-Rahim writes in Newsweek “Gulf Diplomatic Crisis: Why Trump Must Label Qatar as a State Sponsor of Terrorism.”

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LISTEN: Quilliam’s Chief Exec Haras Rafiq is joined by Lord Alex Carlile (Former Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation) on BBC Radio 4 (The World Tonight) to discuss the London attacker Khurram Butt and what more can be done moving forward.


FATE: Engaging Families to Counter Violent Extremism in North Africa

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LISTEN: Quilliam UK Executive Director Adam Deen talks to Adrian Chiles on Radio Five Live about the motivations behind extremist Islamist attacks, and his own journey to de-radicalisation.

WATCH: Quilliam Executive Director, North America Muhammad Fraser-Rahim speak to CGTN about the relationship between social media and terrorism, how terrorists use social media and what we can do to limit their abuse of the platforms.

Executive Director Attends US Institute of Peace

Washington – Muhammad Fraser-Rahim, Executive Director, North America attended the U.S Institute of Peace annual Iftar celebration. This event brought together peace builders and change makers in Washington along with the diplomatic corps from Muslim nations throughout the world.