WATCH: Quilliam International’s founder, Maajid Nawaz, appeared on Fox news with Tucker Carlson, to discuss the Easter Sunday attack in Sri Lanka. Maajid explains how the left are struggling to acknowledge that Islamist terrorists were behind the attacks that have claimed 321 innocent lives.

Listen: Quillam International’s founder, Maajid Nawaz on his LBC show warns against giving “clown” Anjem Choudary attention.


WATCH: Watch Quilliam International’s Executive Director, North America, Dr Muhammad Fraser-Rahim, on France 24 News, “What this shows is a proof of life and that Baghdadi is alive” –  talks about IS’s recently released video that shows leader al-Baghdadi talking about recent attacks.

Listen: Quilliam International’s Executive Director, North America, Dr. Muhammad Fraser-Rahim, spoke on blog talk radio on the topic of whether Islam as a religion supports terrorism.

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WATCH: Quilliam International’s Executive Director, North America, speaks to CGTN’s Wang Guan about security implications of Sri Lanka’s Easter Sunday attacks and how the government has reacted following the devastation.

Quilliam’s STEER training
Looking for Prevent training? Quilliam’s Prevent training empowers teachers to confidently deal with and spot early signs of radicalisation.


WATCH: Quilliam International’s Executive Director, North America, Dr Muhammad Fraser-Rahim was interviewed on France 24 by anchor François Picard about the Sri Lanka terror attacks.

DOWNLOAD: Quilliam International’s ‘In & Out of Extremism: USA’ – A case study of the deradicalisation process of the youngest individual to be indicted on terror charges in the U.S. by North America, Exec Director, Dr Muhammad Fraser-Rahim.

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Next in Q Podcast – Episode 11 & 12 Andrew Copson 

Listen to Episode 11 and 12 of our Next in Q Podcast Series with your host Quilliam’s Director of Policy, David Toube in conversation with Andrew Copson of Humanists UK, discussing the meaning of Humanism, how religious communities can benefit from a secular society and much more.


Listen: Quilliam International’s Director of Policy, David Toube, speaks to Mike Zells, BBC Radio Cumbria, about the threats of online extremism.

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Executive Director Speaks on Roundtable

WASHINGTON DC – Quilliam’s Executive Director, North America, Dr. Muhammad Fraser-Rahim spoke at the Citadel DC Alumni Roundtable on violent extremism and effective approaches at the local and international level.

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