Quilliam Executive Director on EU Committee


Quilliam Executive Director (Global) Jonathan Russell attended and spoke at the Steering Committee for the European Commission’s flagship counter-extremism approach the Radicalisation Awareness Network.

Maajid Nawaz on LBC Radio

On his weekly LBC show, Founder Maajid Nawaz gives his insight into the latest cyber-attack. He explains how Terrorists will have taken notice of the NHS cyber-hacking attack – and the consequences could be much worse.
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Quillliam Executive Director in Prague


Quilliam Executive Director (North America) Muhammad Fraser-Rahim spoke at the STRATCOM 2017 conference in Prague, Czech Republic on Islamist propaganda and ISIS in Europe.

On his weekly LBC show, Founder Maajid Nawaz challenges a caller after he refused to say that stoning women is wrong.
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Dr Usama Hasan Talks at the Istanbul Network for Liberty


Head of Islamic Studies at Quilliam spoke alongside Azhar Aslam and Mohammed Amin MBE at a meeting of the Istanbul Network for Liberty (INFoL), hosted by the Henry Jackson Society. Dr Usama covered liberty in Islam based on his publications, ‘No Compulsion in Religion’ and ‘From Dhimmitude to Democracy.’ Dr Usama also answered a number of questions from the audience about theological objections to Islam.

Muhammad Fraser-Rahim, Executive Director, North America engaged in a discussion with Peter Bergen, New America Foundation.

Head of Islamic Studies attends Preview of Hidden Heart


Dr Usama Hasan featured in a preview screening of ‘Hidden Heart’, a new documentary by Dartmouth Films looking at religious freedom and interfaith marriages

Senior Researcher Salah Al-Ansari appeared on Alhurra TV. He discussed issues relating to the Islamic State and Children in Captivity.

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Head of Islamic Studies Discusses ‘In and out of Extremism’


Dr Usama Hasan addressed 20 of the UK’s top mediators at the annual meeting of the Lamport Hall group in Northamptonshire. Dr Usama covered Quilliam’s work in challenging extremism, based on our publication, ‘In And Out of Extremism.’

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