WATCH: Quilliam International’s brand new podcast ‘Next in Q’ featuring Quilliam’s President, Noman Benotman & hosted by Executive Director, North America Dr Muhammad Fraser Rahim.

In his own words, Noman describes the man behind the monster…
And his own journey out of extremism.
Tune in to Next in Q podcast to hear more from…
The Man Who Knew Bin Laden.
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Looking for Prevent training? Quilliam’s Prevent training empowers teachers to confidently deal with and spot early signs of radicalisation.

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Quilliam founder, Maajid Nawaz tracked down an anonymous “hero” who was stabbed and beaten for defending him from a racist mob 25 years ago. He contacted Maajid after he began a national appeal to find the ‘man who saved his life.’

Read his interview on the BBC here.

LISTENQuilliam International’s Director of Policy, David Toube interviewed on talkRadio by Mike Graham discussing Anjem Choudhury’s and his release from prison next month following his conviction for inviting others to support ISIS.


WATCH: Quilliam International’s senior researcher Dr Salah al-Ansari appeared on Al Arabiya News to discuss Hashem Abedi, sibling of the Manchester Arena bomber who is wanted in the UK for 22 murders and is currently being offered for sale to the highest bidder by Libyan warlords.

LISTEN TO Quilliam International’s brand new podcast ‘Next in Q’ Episode 1 – The Man Who Knew Bin Laden here.
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LISTEN: Quilliam International’s Director of Policy, David Toube participated in a late night discussion programme on the BBC Asian Network hosted by Mobeen Azhar on the subject of the relationship between terrorism and mental health.

Read his thoughts on the interview in our Q Perspective here.

READ: Quilliam International’s Director of Policy David Toube’s piece in The Telegraph discussing Anjem Choudary, their former friendship and the implication of his release from prison next month.

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READ: Quilliam International’s researcher Muna Adil’s opinion piece in the Independent discussing the latest figures from the Home Office.

The latest figures have shown the number of white suspected terrorists being arrested in the UK has overtaken the number of Asian terror suspects for the first time in over a decade.

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