Islam And The Future Of Tolerance: The Movie

Managing Director (UK) Adam Deen features in “Islam And The Future Of Tolerance: The Movie”, based on the written dialogue between Quilliam Co-Founding Chairman Maajid Nawaz and Atheist Sam Harris. Read more about the book, or check out the movie trailer.

“If you censor speech, you censor individual thoughts”

said Co-Founding Chairman Maajid Nawaz on his weekly LBC show in a bid to defend free speech against university restrictions. Listen here.

Quilliam Head of Policy Appointed New RAN Co-Chair

BRUSSELS – Quilliam is proud to announce Head of Policy Jonathan Russell’s appointment as Co-Chair of the Communications & Narratives Working Group for the EU’s Radicalisation Awareness Network. He joins Alexander Ritzmann from the European Foundation for Democracy, following his successful application and selection by the European Commission, and looks forward to future cooperation. He also contributed to an engaging workshop on monitoring and evaluating counterspeech campaigns alongside 20 other civil society organisations from across the continent.

Quilliam in the media

The Trump travel ban and the current U.K. deportation of child refugees both play right into the hands of the so-called Islamic State – Maajid Nawaz, The Daily Beast.

Countering Extremism: A Problem for Civil Society – Haras Rafiq, The Cipher Brief.

Senior Program Manager and Senior Researcher Complete a Week-Long Speaking Tour in Sudan

KHARTOUM – Saeida Rouass and Dr. Salah al-Ansari visited 8 universities, community centers and imam training venues to speak about the radicalisation process, the role of families and religious leaders in preventing violent extremism, and the destructive nature of violent extremist narratives. Venues included the University of Medical Sciences, Khartoum University and Africa University amongst others. Through presentations and discussions they were able to engage students, university professors, imams, mothers and officials in complex topics around how radicalisation occurs with a particular focus on the role of grievances and the importance of developing alternative narratives.

Senior Researcher Speaks on Refugees and Extremism at Expert Meeting Hosted by UN

AMMAN – Nikita Malik presented on the prevention and response to child recruitment and exploitation of them by contemporary non-state armed groups engaged in extreme violence. The meeting was hosted by the United Nations University and the United Nations International Children’s Fund (UNICEF). She introduced findings from her two reports on children within the Islamic State and asylum-seeking children fleeing extremism, emphasising the neet to reintegrate children exposed to extreme violence.

Strategic Communications Officer speaks at UK Defence Academy

SHRIVENHAM –  Joshua Stewart presented to a selection of counter-terrorism practitioners at the UK Defence Academy. The presentation, titled: ‘A Devolved Approach to Counter Communications’, looked at the role of civil society resilience and communication in limiting the impact of propaganda from terrorist organisations. The presentation was well received by both civilian and military attendees. Working with the Defence Academy is part of Quilliam’s continued collaboration with the Defence community, where Quilliam fosters new strategic thinking surrounding CVE, advocating a communications led response.

Head of Islamic Studies Speaks about Religion and Extremism at Top UK University

LONDON – Dr. Usama Hasan addressed 50 students at the Durham University Politics Society about the work of Quilliam and the relationship between religion and the state. The lecture was followed by an engaging and interactive Q&A. Quilliam would like to thank Durham University Politics society for their warm welcome and hospitality as well as for the high quality questions from the audience.