Maajid Nawaz to Feature in Documentary on PBS

WATCH Quilliam International’s founder, Maajid Nawaz, features in the upcoming feature documentary Into the Night: Portraits of Life and Death. Maajid also attended a special screening in Green-Wood, Brooklyn on March 11th where he was joined by Adam Frank, Tieraona LowDog MD and Bess Lovejoy.

Featuring fascinating, unexpected voices from various walks of life old and young, believers and nonbelievers, the dying and the healthy, well known and obscure.

Premieres on PBS on March 26th 9 PM ET!

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Quilliam President’s Interview on Al Arabiya

WATCH: Quilliam International’s Founder, Maajid Nawaz on Sky News show The Pledge delivers his verdict on politically correct politicians, police, and the British Pakistani, Bangladeshi & South-Asian Muslim communities in the wake of another child sex grooming gang scandal in Telford.

Maajid also discusses our recent report on Grooming gangs – Group Based Child Sexual Exploitation – Dissecting Grooming Gangs.

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Executive Director Speaks at Norwell School

Quilliam International’s Executive Director, North America Muhammad Fraser-Rahim spoke at the Norwell School in Massachusetts via Skype about the work of Quilliam and the work of combatting extremism.

WATCH: Quilliam International’s Founder, Maajid Nawaz on Sky News show The Pledge discusses the sickening letter sent out to Muslims across the country, April 3rd which has been dubbed ‘Punish a Muslim Day’, and argues that Britain’s media allows people to think this behaviour is acceptable.


Executive Director Lectures at New York University

Quilliam International’s Executive Director, North America Muhammad Fraser-Rahim was a guest lecturer at New York University, Washington DC campus speaking on Middle Eastern politics, violent extremism and Quilliam International’s efforts globally.

Executive Director to Launch New Report

WASHINGTON – Quilliam International’s Executive Director, North America, Dr Muhammad Fraser-Rahim will be launching Quilliam’s new policy report ‘Transforming the Hate that Hate Produced’ on March 27, 2018, at the New America’s Countering Violent Extremism: Learning from African-American Muslim Experiences panel talk in Washington DC.

Muhammad will discuss the specific CVE experience of African American Muslims and the example of the Community of Imam W. Deen Muhammad (CWDM) in a step-by-step program of reform that transformed the community and led it to abandon its more extreme racial and anti-government views.

Quilliam Circle members will get the first chance to read this new report on March 26, 2018.


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LISTEN Quilliam International’s Executive Director Adam Deen on BBC Radio 4 The Digital Human, discussing Social Media and explores if we end up giving to much power to the technology and not enough to ourselves in how opinions become formed.


WATCH Quilliam International’s Senior Researcher, Dr Salah Al-Ansari was on Al-Hadath news discussing the ‘Punish a Muslim Day’ letters, Images of the A4 notes, which contained a list of violent acts alongside a number of points for performing them have been widely shared online.

Head of Islamic Presents at Cambridge Union

CAMBRIDGE – Quilliam International’s Dr Usama Hasan, addressed students at the world-famous Cambridge Union about journeys into and out of extremism and Quilliam’s work in the area. The 1-hour talk was followed by a lively 30-min Q&A session.

This STEER training is available in all Universities in the UK – please contact Quilliam if you would like us to provide this training.


Group-Based Child Sexual Exploitation: Dissecting Grooming Gangs

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READ: Quilliam International’s Executive Director, Adam Deen features in Internet Matters news and provides his insight on schools and if they are doing enough to support parents and children in tackling extremism.


RIP Stephen Hawking (1942-2018) – In Memoriam

READ: Quilliam International’s Head of Islamic Studies, Dr Usama Hasan’ tribute to the late Professor Stephen Hawking and his encounters with him, intellectually & physically.

Read his touching tribute here.

Dr Usama Hasan Presents at Behavioural Analysis Conference

CARDIFF – Quilliam International’s Head of Islamic Studies Dr Usama Hasan participated in the Behavioural Analysis 2018 international conference at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff.

Usama took part in a panel with Gurmel Singh of the Sikh Council UK & Michael Whine of the Jewish Community Security Trust regarding “Religious Sensitivities in Security Decision Making.”

He also gave an invited presentation to the 150 delegates from 40 countries on “The Insider Threat from Extremists in the Workplace,” illustrating his talk with the San Bernardino attack (2015) & the case of Rajib Karim, the British Airways IT expert who plotted a terrorist attack under the tutelage of Anwar al-Awlaki. Usama also covered the 22 factors based on academic research that are employed by the Prevent strategy in order to identify individuals vulnerable to being recruited by terrorist groups.

This STEER training is available in the UK – please contact Quilliam if you would like us to train your organisation or staff.

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