Managing Director Discusses the Prevent Strategy on BBC News and BBC Radio 5 Live.
LONDON – Adam Deen shed light on the Prevent Strategy, which has been subject to substantial scrutiny, by emphasising the existance of a severe training gap. Adam put forward the argument that Prevent does not discriminate against minorities nor facilitate extremism, but that insufficient training of public practitioners has resulted in a misrepresentation of the Strategy. He finished by outlining innovative ways, in which public practitioners can improve their approach towards vulnerable individuals. Listen from 23:40 here

Quilliam CEO and Strategic Communications Officer Speak at Conference Organised By the Danish Civil Society.
COPENHAGEN – Haras Rafiq and Joshua Stewart attended the country’s largest annual collection of civil society organisations involved in counter-extremism. Leading the address, Haras explored the various pathways and ideological drivers of violent extremism, and outlined the best strategies to counter it. Joshua then followed by examining the various communications approaches which can be deployed, citing the FATE model as an effective model to follow. 

Quilliam’s FATE Team Speaks About the Role of Families in Counter-Extremism in Norway.
OSLO – FATE coordinators Joshua Stewart and Julia Ebner spoke at the Nordic Safe Cities Conference in Oslo , following last week’s global Summit in Tunis. They presented the work of FATE to local authorities and frontline practitioners, and held a workshop seeking to equip these with the necessary skills to critically and successfully engage with families to counter violent extremism. Read more here.

Policy Analyst Discusses Modern Approaches to Counter Terrorism.
LONDON – Quilliam’s policy analyst Julia Ebner joined the panel discussion on ‘Irregular War: The Future of Global Conflicts‘ at The Frontline Club. Julia spoke about possible responses to the 21st century’s global terrorist threat in the light of the changing nature of strategic warfare, technology, social appeal of terrorist organisations..
On his weekly LBC Radio Show, Maajid Nawaz critisised the ‘Control Left Wing’ for abandoning liberalism in favor of post-factual identity politics and censorship. Listen here.
Head of Islamic Studies is a Keynote Speaker at Major Inter-faith Seminar.
LONDON – Dr. Usama Hasan spoke at the Seminar entitled, “Media Portrayal of Religion and the Public Good” . Sharing a panel with Baroness Neuberger, the Senior Rabbi of West London Synagogue and Emily Buchanan, a leading freelance journalist, Usama presented five ethical principles derived from the Qur’an, which he sees as relevant to the subject of responsible media production and consumption; positive messaging only, the promotion of goodness and combating evil, usage of critical skills by not spreading unconfirmed news or rumours, being just to one’s opponents, and being responsible in matters involving “security or fear” (Q. 4:83).
Programs Officer Lectures Students at University College School.
LONDON –  Haydar  Zaki presented a session on “Countering Extremism: What can civil society do?” He discussed how ideologies can be broken down, as well as the need to be digitally resilient, and how promoting pluralistic liberal values can counter extremism.
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