Quilliam Responds to the Biggest Jihadist Terrorist Attack in the UK since 7/7

Quilliam Founder Maajid Nawaz, says:

“We must question deeply how we arrived at a situation in which brutal suspected jihadist terrorist attacks on our continent appear frequent. We ask those who have till this day not participated in the national struggle to root out all extremism from our communities to stand up and be counted. Now is not a time only for short term gestures and platitudes, though solidarity is necessary. We are all responsible for fighting extremism, and we can all play a long term role.”

Quilliam Chief Executive Haras Rafiq, himself a resident of Greater Manchester, says:

“Calls for unity and calm are needed, but we must also call at this time for things not to return to normal. If normal means regular unpredictable attacks by suspected jihadist terrorists against our children and youth at the dawn of their lives, then ‘normal’ must not be allowed to continue. New thinking needs to emerge in the halls of Whitehall and for our communities.”

Read the full Press Release here.

Maajid Nawaz on LBC Radio

On his weekly LBC show, Founder Maajid Nawaz explains his three charges against Julian Assange. Listen here.

Quillliam Founder’s article in The Daily Beast

Founder Maajid Nawaz’s piece in the Daily Beast – The Manchester Attack and the Myth of the ‘Lone Wolf’ – he explains how now is not a time only for short term gestures and platitudes and we can all play a long term role in fighting extremism.

Read it here.

Quilliam Foundation feature in this Wall Street Journal article titled ‘Jihad in Manchester’ – Read the full article here.

Chief Executive new piece in The Telegraph

Chief Executive Haras Rafiq new piece in The Telegraph. He discusses how we cannot allow this recurrent cycle of terrorism to occur, and we cannot let this become our new normal – the possibility of a child going to a concert and not returning is not one that can or should be entertained in our country.

Read it here.

READ: Executive Director (Global) Jonathan Russell and Senior Researcher Julia Ebner new piece in The Independent – How should the UK Government and British people react to Manchester, without falling into ISIS’ trap.

Read it here.

Quilliam Founder Maajid Nawaz discusses the heartbreaking Manchester terrorist attack, the illusion of the ‘Lone Wolf’ categorisation, and what are the next steps.

Quilliam Founder Maajid Nawaz features on Fox News talking about President Trump’s speech in Saudi Arabia.

Quilliam CEO Haras Rafiq features on CNN discussing the Manchester terrorist attack and how this should not be the ‘new normal’, we must do and will do more.

Quilliam CEO Haras Rafiq features on Sky News this morning discussing the terrorist attack in Manchester and what needs to be done.

Quilliam CEO Haras Rafiq features on FOX Business discussing the Manchester attack.

WATCH NOW: Quilliam Executive Director UK Adam Deen features on Good Morning Britain speaking to Piers Morgan about the Manchester terrorist attack and the next steps to take.

WATCH – Executive Director North America Speaks on Panel at Georgetown Law

WASHINGTON – Muhammad Fraser-Rahim took part in apanel ‘The Rule of Law: Panel 3’ at Georgetown Law. He talks in length about how we are addressing violent extremism, and the important work of Quilliam and much more. Watch from (14:00).

Executive Director (Global) Jonathan Russell spoke on talkRadio to Julia Hartley-Brewer  after the Manchester terrorist attack. He explains how terrorism and violence is a form of political strategy in itself and we need our political leaders to come out and say how they plan to combat it. Listen here.

Dr Usama Hasan Head of Islamic Studies speaks to Newshour before the US Presidents speech in Saudi Arabia – he talks about the Middle East, Wahhabism, extremism, Islam and much more. Listen here (6:20- 11:00).

Quilliam Lead Islamist Discussion at Strategic Communications Summit

PRAGUE – Executive Directors Muhammad Fraser-Rahim (North America) and Jonathan Russell (Global) led the discussions on Islamist extremist communications and how to counter them at the strategic communications summit held at the Interior Ministry in the Czech Republic. Following 3 days of discussions on Russian cyber warfare and disinformation, the conversation switched to Islamist propaganda, and Quilliam contributed its expertise on topics such as ‘The Strategies and Tactics of ISIS in Europe’, ‘The Role of the Media and Social Media in Extremist Communications’, and ‘The Role of Islam in Islamist Propaganda’. 

Senior Researcher Dr Salah Al-Ansari discusses the heartbreaking terrorist attack in Manchester on BBC Arabic.


FATE: Engaging Families to Counter Violent Extremism in North Africa

Check it out here

Quilliam Advise Association of School and College Leaders (ACSL) on Fasting During Ramadan

Dr Usama Hasan Head of Islamic Studies and Dr Salah Al-Ansari Senior Researcher, jointly played a leading role in the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL’s) 2017 advice on Muslim students and fasting during Ramadan (c. 27 May – 25 June 2017). They provided the astronomical data and its interpretation for fasting times, as well as some of the diversity within traditional and modern Islamic jurisprudence and ethics around fasting at high latitudes such as Britain during the summer.

In 2017, Ramadan coincides with the examination season, as it did last year. ASCL has worked with a wide spectrum of British Muslims from a range of theological persuasions, including both Sunni and Shia, to produce an information paper for schools and colleges to help leaders initiate discussions with Muslim students and their families on how best they can balance their Islamic obligations and do well in their exams.

Quilliam and ASCL would be grateful for more endorsers of this guidance: teachers, community leaders, clerics, scholars, educationalists, representatives of relevant parenting groups, etc. If you would like to endorse this guidance, please write to ASCL or Quilliam.

Click here to Download the Ramadan and exams booklet 2017.