Thank you for helping me raise funds to further the mission to prevent Islamist radicalisation and extremism.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has harmed us all that are doing this work by mischaracterising me, a Muslim, and other reformers as “anti-Muslim extremists.”

Your assistance is needed urgently so that we may pursue legal action to correct the record and expand the message.

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Maajid Nawaz on LBC Radio

On his weekly LBC show, Quilliam Founder Maajid Nawaz explains why he agrees with a London school’s decision to tell a Muslim mother that she cannot wear her burqa on the premises.

Listen here

WATCH NOW:Quilliam Founder appeared on Sargon of Akkad’s YouTube channel to discuss Islamism, jihad and the regressive left. He also spoke about taking action against the SPLC and how you can help him crowd-fund his campaign. Support Maajid’s legal campaign against the SPLC here.

Executive Director Presents at the Islamic Heritage Museum

Muhammad Fraser-Rahim presented on the work of Quilliam International at the America’s Islamic Heritage Museum with visitors from around the world including Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Chief Exec Lectures at Oxford University

Quillam’s Chief Executive Haras Rafiq was a guest lecturer at St John’s College at the University of Oxford lecturing in The Triple Threat to Liberal Secular Democracies. 

He was invited to lecture by the Institute for the Study of Global Anti-Semitism and Policy (ISGAP). ISGAP is a global interdisciplinary research center that is dedicated to the academic study of anti-Semitism. Under the guidance of leading international scholars, participants develop syllabi for courses in the critical interdisciplinary study of anti-Semitism.

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The Children of Islamic State
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Quilliam’s Deadly Dialogues Special Preview

LONDON – Quilliam’s DEBUT production Deadly Dialogues had a sell-out London preview at the Kings Head Theatre.

From an award-winning creative team, based on real-life experience and research by Quilliam, this is dark, wry and lyrical writing about the layered processes of radicalisation and extremism in Britain today.

To see Deadly Dialogues at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, book your tickets here.

Executive Director attends Community Awareness Briefing

Muhammad Fraser-Rahim, Executive Director, North America participated in the community awareness briefing incorporated by the Department of Homeland Security. This effort was part of the USG inter-agency to address the spectrum of violent extremism and to have community level participation in their understanding of the threat and dialogue in how government and and community partners can work together.

Quilliam’s Deadly Dialogues Special Preview

READ: Quilliam’s Executive Director at Quilliam North America, Muhammad Fraser-Rahim and Evanna Hu the Tech Fellow write this new piece in The Daily Beast. 

People of Lamu and the Swahili Coast feel trapped between the savagery of al Shabaab and the corruption of Kenyan officials who may view all Muslims as suspect.

Read here.

WATCH NOW: Our Circle friend Cameron talking about how his coaching session has helped him challenge extremism.

Dr Salah Al-Ansari on Al Arabiyya Al-Hadath

WATCH NOW:  Quilliam Senior Researcher Dr Salah Al-Ansari appeared on Al Arabiyya Al-Hadath to discuss Qatar and the new terrorist list that was revealed