CHARLESTON – Quilliam International’s Executive Director, North America, Dr Muhammad Fraser-Rahim, led a panel with the Director of National Intelligence, the Honorable Dan Coats and Citadel cadets on the issue of counter-terrorism. Muhammad also discussed strategies against violent extremism and facilitated an interactive dialogue with students at the military college of South Carolina.

LISTEN TO Quilliam International’s podcast ‘Next in Q’ Episode 1 – The Man Who Knew Bin Laden here.


WATCH: Quilliam International’s Head of Outreach & Training, Adam Deen, appeared on BBC Victoria Derbyshire Live. He was joined by Professor Richard Eakins, Head of Policy Exchange and Hanif Qadir, CEO of the Active Change foundation to discuss Anjem Choudhury’s release from prison.

Watch here.

Quilliam to Launch Art Exhibition in Jerusalem

We at Quilliam International are very proud of this groundbreaking art exhibition in Jerusalem we’re involved in commissioning with Rachel Maggart.

The Unmarked Body
opens 26th October 2018.


READ: Quilliam International’s Head of Outreach & Training, Adam Deen’s thoughts on terrorists being released from prison in Lizzie Dearden’s piece in the Independent titled ‘Terrorists being released from UK prisons could ‘slip through net’ and carry out attacks, government warned.’

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Head of Islamic Studies Speaks on Panel in Germany

BONN – Quilliam International’s Head of Islamic Studies, Dr Usama Hasan, was an invited panel speaker on radicalisation and deradicalisation at an international conference in Bad Neuenahr, near Bonn, Germany, organised by GIZ, the German Ministry for International Development. The panel also included other experts Dr Malika Bouziane and Dr Marwan Abou-Taam, and was chaired by Adrian Taylor.

LISTEN: Quilliam International’s Head of Islamic Studies Dr Usama Hasan on BBC Radio 4 discussing the likely conditions of  Anjem Choudury’s early release from prison and what this could mean for his followers.

Listen here.

Quilliam Train Imams and Security Services in Kenya

NAIROBI – Quilliam International’s Head of Islamic Studies, Dr Usama Hasan, and Senior Fellow of Quilliam North America, Mohamed Fatah, delivered a 3-day training workshop around radicalisation, de-radicalisation and the role of religion for 40 Kenyan and Ethiopian imams and members of security services in Nairobi, Kenya.

This was held in co-operation with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). The training course was based on the Quilliam publications “From Dhimmitude to Democracy” and “Tackling Terror,” both available here.  For STEER our counter-extremism training, please contact us here.

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Executive Director Speaks on Panel at the Citadel

CHARLESTON – Quilliam International’s Executive Director, North America, Dr Muhammad Fraser-Rahim, spoke at the Citadel, Military College of South Carolina annual conference on Intelligence and Cyber Security in which he conducted two panels:

1) A Conversation with a former AQ extremist and an Imam. Muhammad engaged in a conversation with the youngest person in US history to be indicted on a terrorism-related charge and discussed Quilliam’s method in disengagement, deradicalization and demobilization. Read our report ‘In & Out of Extremism USA here.

2) A conversation with US Government officials and Frontline practitioners on the effort to prevent extremism. Muhammad also discussed Quilliam’s decade-long good practices against extremism and Quilliam’s current efforts in the US and globally.

Quilliam’s Dr Usama Hasan has co-authored a book on interfaith dialogue, published this week titled  “People of the Book” – An Interfaith Dialogue about How Jews, Christians and Muslims Understand Their Sacred Scriptures.

Exploring the writings of the Torah, Bible and Qu’ran, this book presents a lively and thoughtful discussion of scripture’s role in contemporary faith. 

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