WATCH NOW: Quilliam Founder Maajid Nawaz announces on Real Time with Bill Maher that he is suing the Southern Poverty Law Center after they listed him as an ‘Anti-Muslim Extremist.’

Maajid is crowd-funding the legal fees to sue the SPLC. Donate here to fight the SPLC and the #RegressiveLeft:

Maajid Nawaz on LBC Radio

On his weekly LBC show, Founder Maajid Nawaz has serious doubts whether supporting the EDL and UAF protests that took to the streets of London is the right thing to do.

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Maajid Nawaz is suing the SPLC, support the crowd-fund

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Quilliam’s Muhammad Fraser-Rahim, Executive Director, North America appeared in a feature presentation on Canadian Broadcasting Corporation on anti-ISIS propaganda employed by Gulf based countries and TV stations. He also provided insights on new tactics employed by extremists on Arabic websites.
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Executive Director Performs Eid Prayer

WASHINGTON – Quilliam’s Muhammad Fraser-Rahim, Executive Director, North America and Ph.D. Candidate at Howard University with a focus on Islamic Studies lead the Eid Prayer and Khutbah with the oldest and indigenous Muslim community in Washington, DC. In attendance included the Mayor of Washington, DC, Muriel Bowser and Imam Talib Shareef of Masjid Muhammad, the Nations Mosque in the Capitol.

Muhammad Fraser-Rahim, Executive Director, North America attended workshops and a conference at McGill University in Montreal, Canada on pluralism, polarisation and cultural dynamics of radicalisation at the Institute of Community and Family Psychiatry. He presented original research on how communities can remain resilient against extremism and good practices in Western democracies to share and learn from.

WATCH NOW: Quilliam Founder Maajid Nawaz interviewed by Tim Pool on his YouTube channel. Maajid discusses his past and how he coined the term ‘Regressive Left’ in his 2012 autobiography Radical. Maajid also talks about how he never thought it would be his supposed allies who would attack him for calling out Islamist extremism.

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Refuge – Pathways of Youth Fleeing Extremism
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WATCH NOW: Quilliam Founder Maajid Nawaz is interviewed by Dave Rubin on the Rubin Report. He talks about his past, Quilliam and the change that has taken place since he founded Quilliam over 9 years ago. He talks about Islamist extremism, Alt-right and why he coined the term #RegressiveLeft and much more.

WATCH NOW: Our Circle friend Cameron talking about how his coaching session has helped him challenge extremism.

WATCH NOW: Quilliam Founder Maajid Nawaz is interviewed by Martha MacCullum on Fox News where he announces that he is suing the Southern Poverty Law Center for listing him as an ‘Anti-Muslim Extremist.’

“They have put a target on mine and Ayaan Hirsi Ali‘s head”

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Chief Executive presents at the Franco-British Council

LONDON – Quilliam Chief Executive Haras Rafiq who is also a trustee at the Franco-British Council and Senior Program Manager Saeida Rouass attended the French Ambassador’s residence in London where they presented to the Franco-British Young Leaders programme. They touched on many subjects with particular emphasis on extremism and the world we live in today.