Maajid Nawaz speaks at AJC conference in Paris, with French Prime Minister in attendance 

PARIS — Founding Chairman Maajid Nawaz spoke on the global jihadist insurgency (video due in next week’s bulletin) at the AJC: Global Jewish Advocacy Europe, which hosted a Wake-Up Call Conference Against Radical Islam and Far-Right Populism at the Dejazet Theatre near the site of the November Paris attacks. French Prime Minister Manual Valls was in attendance among other distinguished speakers and guests. Maajid later met with representatives of the French Interior Ministry to discuss counter-extremism cooperation between Quilliam and the French government. Read more here 

Maajid Nawaz featured with Morgan Freeman to discuss Islamism on National Geographic

NEW YORK – Quilliam Founding Chairman Maajid Nawaz hosts Morgan Freeman in a New York mosque to discuss Islam and Islamism. As part of the series, ‘The Story of God with Morgan Freeman’, the ‘Apocalypse’ themed episode covering the meeting will air Sunday 10 April on National Geographic Channels in 171 countries and 45 languages, and in Spanish on Nat Geo Mundo. The series seeks to understand how religion has evolved throughout the course of civilization and how it has shaped the evolution of society. Watch the trailer here

Australia Tour: Haras Rafiq discusses counter extremism strategy with Australian officials

CANBERRA – Managing Director Haras Rafiq spent the week in Australia meeting with officials and holding roundtable discussions on counter-extremism. Haras met with the Australian Attorney General’s team, Director of CVE policy from the Department of Premier and Cabinet, and the Victoria Police Assistant Commissioner’s team in Melbourne. He is also participating in a closed event on ‘Strategy for Defeating ISIL at Home and Abroad’ in Canberra on Saturday.

Haras Rafiq and Adam Deen meet with Ambassadors from Bahrain and Saudi Arabia

LONDON – Managing Director Haras Rafiq and Head of Outreach Adam Deen met with the Ambassadors from Bahrain and Saudi Arabia to discuss Islamism and countering violent extremism. The Quilliam event was hosted by the Bahraini ambassador, His Excellency Shaikh Fawaz bin Mohammed Al Khalifa.

Managing Director Haras Rafiq spoke to ABC News earlier this week from Canberra about the police and security service response to the horrifying attacks in Brussels, why profiling potential terrorist suspects doesn’t work, and how society can challenge extremism through alternative narratives. Watch the video here.

Jonathan Russell represents Quilliam at UN Conference on Preventing Violent Extremism

GENEVA – Head of Policy Jonathan Russell speaks at a side panel at the UN’s Conference on Preventing Violent Extremism – The Way Forward, hosted by Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon. He will be presenting on the topic of Public-Private Partnerships and the need to work together to win the war of words against extremists online. More information here.

FATE builds network of families against ISIS

WORLDWIDE – The FATE Campaign continues to pick up traction online as the number of organisations involved in the network grows beyond 15. This means the number of families we can reach across Europe is over 10,000, all of whom we can support with advice, resources and content. The Summit is fast approaching, taking place in Paris on 28-29 April. Further information in this week’s social media toolkit is available here.

Youth production ‘You see a hijab, but I see a rapper’ takes the stage at Brady Arts

LONDON — Sheikh Dr Salah Al-Ansari collaborated with the Brady Arts and Community Centre and Tower Hamlets council on a youth theatre performance ‘Rapture: “You see a hijab, but I see a rapper.” The play, which took the stage last Saturday, addresses the question of Muslim identities and Western values. Watch the rap video here.


Report Launch: Caliphettes Spanish

LONDON – Quilliam’s report ‘Caliphettes: Women and the Appeal of Islamic State’ is now available in Spanish. Click here


FATE Summit

FATE Network — Paris —  28-29 April

Families Against Terrorism and Extremism welcome more than 100 organisations to a two day summit on the important role of families in counter extremism. To request a place at the summit, please email [email protected] by Friday 8 April.

Taking Creative Action Against Prejudice

Quilliam with Free Word — Free Word Lecture Theatre — 21 April, 6:45 p.m.

Presented in concert with The Unbreakable Rope – An Exploration of Sexuality in Islam, the panel will discuss elaborating modes of creative activism to reduce prejudice toward British Muslims, persecuted for their sexuality.


MAAJID NAWAZ: ‘Another Dead Blasphemer — In Scotland’

Quilliam Founding Chairman Maajid Nawaz continues his critique Pakistan’s blasphemy laws by reporting on the tragic murder of Glasgow Muslim shopkeeper Asad Shah by fellow Muslim Tanveer Ahmed. In Britain’s first spillover case of Pakistan’s vicious blasphemy inquisition by the mullah mafia, Shah’s murder indicates the spread of this conflict to Scotland.

JULIA EBNER: ‘Charlie Hebdo is not Islamophobic Quilliam policy analyst Julia Ebner examines Charlie Hebdo editorials and outlines differences among the far right politicians Marine Le Pen, Donald Trump and Anne Marie Waters.

Quilliam On Point: Youth-Led CVE

The Age of Hyper-Terrorism The New Statesman analyzes the current age of jihadism, its roots, Western policies in the Middle East, dynamics among factions, and ambitions among modern jihadis to override world order and establish a global Caliphate.

Quilliam On Point: Modern Jihadism

Women suffer under ISIS  A new Human Rights Watch report details how Sunni women in Iraq have their freedoms stripped and live limited, unhappy lives. Meanwhile, Yezidi minorities are often brutally raped, according to new reports.

Quilliam On Point: Caliphettes

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