On 6th of May 2009, Quilliam issued the following press release:


Quilliam calls on the Bedfordshire police force to conduct a full and transparent investigation into the apparent arson attack carried out against a mosque and Islamic centre in Luton early on Tuesday morning. Although no-one was injured in the attack, the mosque – whose Islamic classes are attended by dozens of children every day – was badly damaged.

The incident has already provoked considerable disquiet in Muslim circles. Some British Muslim blogs have even voiced fears that the authorities will not treat this apparent attack on an Islamic centre with the seriousness that it deserves.

The arson attack also comes just days after a court in Scotland heard a white racist plead guilty to threatening to execute British Muslims and to blow up Glasgow Central Mosque.

Ed Husain, co-Director of Quilliam, said:

 “The police can only win the trust of minority communities by showing that they are serious about tackling all forms of extremism. By getting it right in Luton, the Bedfordshire police will go some way towards tackling the breakdown in trust that has occurred over recent years. This is an opportunity for them to show that they are serious about protecting all of Britain’s citizens.”