On 18th September 2009, Quilliam sent out the following:

This weekend marks the end of Ramadan. As Britain’s Muslims begin to prepare for Eid celebrations, far-right fascists may protest in Luton (1) and continue to prepare for gatherings in Manchester next month. Muslim groups in Luton have already called on the local community to be particularly vigilant.

In the midst of continued activity from far-right extremists, Quilliam calls on Muslim communities in a letter to mosques asking for their active role in minimizing local tensions. The letter calls on imams and mosque committees to do the following:

1. Hold open-days in UK mosques for the local public.

2. To raise money on Fridays for local schools and hospitals, not just for Muslims.

3. To refuse platforms to Islamist and extremist Muslim groups who bolster the message of the far-right.

4. To ensure that young members of their congregation do not respond to the far-right with violence.

A PDF of the letter is available here.


Simultaneously, Quilliam has issued a paper which exposes and counters the flawed arguments of the BNP: In Defence of British Muslims: A response to BNP racist propaganda. This will be sent to parliamentarians next week in a bid to equip them with answers against the allegations of the BNP towards Islam and British Muslims.

1. Officially the English Defence League has cancelled the protest after they were banned in Luton by the Home Office. However, rumours that they were protesting have caused fear of counter-protests from the Muslim communities.
2. In February 2009, Quilliam issued a study of Britain’s mosques entitled Mosques Made in Britain. Click here for a PDF version of the report.