From the start of the Egyptian political crisis, Quilliam has been at the forefront of explaining the unprecedented uprising against President Hosni Mubarak’s rule to western and international audiences. It has done this through the broadcast media and  newspapers, through twitter and social media and through issuing strategic briefing papers to policy-makers.

Quilliam’s knowledge of the internal dynamics of Egypt and its understanding of Middle Eastern political and religious trends has rapidly made it the ‘go-to’ source for up-to-the-minute analysis of breaking events in Egypt.


Briefing papers:

‘Egypt on the brink’ (3 February 2011).  This paper shows how the increasing violence in Egypt, together with President Mubarak’s attempts to remain in power until the planned September elections, risks radicalising politics in Egypt and discrediting the non-violent, civil society activists who have led the protests so far. This briefing is available to download as a PDF here:


‘Egypt and the eclipse of the Muslim Brotherhood’ (28 January 2011). This paper explains the background to recent events in Egypt and pointing out that this was a popular civic movement that was not organised by Islamist groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood but rather motivated by frustration at poverty, unemployment and bad governance. This briefing is available to download as a PDF here:


‘Pre-empting al-Qaeda in Egypt’ (11 January 2011). Published after the New Years Day bombing of a Coptic church in Alexandria, this briefings looks at recent al-Qaeda efforts to create and manipulate sectarian strife in Egypt. It contains a number of recommendations on how Western government and NGOs can work with Egyptians to tackle sectarian tensions in the country.See here:


Major media appearances:

Quilliam staff have commented widely about the Egyptian crisis on a wide range of national and international media.

Friday 18 February:

‘The Post-Islamist Future’, Maajid Nawaz writes in the Wall Street Journal.

Noman Benotman was also quoted in a Reuters article on protests in Libya. 

Monday 14 February:

Maajid Nawaz spoke on Bloomberg News about the latest developments in Egypt. Watch online here.

Noman Benotman was also quoted by Reuters on how the Middle East uprisings will affect Al-Qaeda. 

Saturday 12 February:

Mustafa Abulhimal appeared on France 24 to discuss the latest developments in Egypt.

Friday 4 February:

Mustafa Abulhimal appeared on France 24 to discuss the latest developments in Egypt.

Thursday 3 February:  

Maajid Nawaz writes about Hosni Mubarak’s regime in the New Statesman magazine. This is online here.

Maajid Nawaz has also appeared on Bloomberg TV, CNN and Sky News. The Bloomberg interview is available online here.

Mustafa Abulhimal has appeared on the British Forces Broadcasting Service’s radio and also on France 24 TV. 

Wednesday 2 February: 

‘The Muslim Brotherhood lacks a Khomeini figure’, Maajid Nawaz writes in the Wall Street Journal.

Maajid Nawaz appeared on  Bloomberg TV to discuss the latest news from Egypt. Watch it here.

‘Learning from the Middle East’, Maajid Nawaz writes in Pakistan’s Express Tribune.

Mustafa Abulhimal has also recorded interviews with Russia Today, Brazilian national television and BBC Radio Scotland. 

Tuesday 1 February: 

Mustafa Abulhimal discusses the Muslim Brotherhood on CNN. Watch it here.

Mustafa Abulhimal appeared on BBC Radio 4’s ‘Up All Night’ programme. Listen to it here (from approx 03:09:00 onwards) 

Mustafa Abulhimal also appeared on the BBC News channel and on ABC Radio in the US to discuss the latest developments in Egypt. 

Monday 31 January: 

Maajid Nawaz has appeared live on Sky News throughout the day.

New York’s Metro newspaper published a Q-and-A with Maajid Nawaz.

Mustafa Abulhimal was interviewed by CNN for an < a href="">article on the Muslim Brotherhood.

Bloomberg TV also ran a lengthy interview with Maajid Nawaz on Egyptian opposition parties and movements. Watch it here

Sunday 30 January:

Maajid Nawaz appeared on BBC News, Al-Jazeera English and a number of other radio and tv channels.

Saturday 29 January: 

Maajid Nawaz appeared on Al-Jazeera English. Watch online here.

Maajid Nawaz wrote an article in The Times, ‘For me and my prison friends, Egypt is personal’. Read it here

Mustafa Abulhimal, a Egyptian researcher at Quilliam, was interviewed on BBC World Service radio:

Friday 28 January:

Maajid Nawaz appeared on BBC Newsnight. Watch online here.

Maajid Nawaz appeared on Channel 4 News. Watch online here.

Maajid Nawaz spoke on BBC Radio 4’s PM programme alongside Boutros Boutros Ghali, the former UN Secretary General. Listen online here