On 2nd and 3rd September 2009, Director Maajid Nawaz and Head of Outreach and Training (QOTU) Ghaffar Hussain delivered Quilliam’s Radicalization Awareness Programme (RAP) training to the US Department of Homeland Security’s main investigative arm, Immigration & Customs Enforcement, in Washington DC.

This training programme centres around raising awareness of Islamist radicalization which can lead to terrorism, with a focus on how Islamist thought has evolved and developed over the last few decades. The training sessions were lively, interactive and drew upon the personal experiences of the trainers.

The training was very well received, with one attendee commenting “the training was excellent and exposed me to a higher understanding of the Jihadist way of thinking and prepared me with tools to address issues and subjects more openly, with knowledge, professionalism, with concern and with optimism”.

Quilliam hopes to continue offering their courses on both sides of the Atlantic.