On 12th October 2009 Quilliam issued the following announcement:


Quilliam has begun a programme of public events in towns and cities in northern England. Last week, Quilliam — hosted by Building Bridges Pendle — led three discussion events in Nelson, Lancashire, including a well-attended evening discussion with members of local communities.


With a view to helping local communities debate national issues, as well as to inform Quilliam’s own thinking, Quilliam is scheduled to hold a number of other events in coming months in several major northern cities, including at community centres, mosques and universities. Topics to be discussed include:


• Why does extremism occur in Britain’s communities?
• How does Islamist extremism gain ground among Muslims?
• How can we respond to Islamist and far-right extremism?
• How can we bridge the generational gaps in our communities?
• What should an integrated Britain look like?


Speakers at Quilliam’s northern events will include former members of extremist organisations such as Hizb ut-Tahrir and al-Muhajiroun. If you wish to invite Quilliam speakers to an event near you, please contact [email protected].