Directors Maajid Nawaz and Ed Husain spoke at Harvard Law School on 17th September 2008. They touched on the stories behind their radicalization, what they did under the influence of these radical ideas, and their current efforts to counter this phenomenon through the Quilliam Foundation. Both spoke for about ten minutes before they opened up the floor to a highly interactive Q&A session, which generated some very insightful questions and comments.  


Students asked about potential lessons for American policymakers, based on European failures to foster full integration of minority communities, and how best to strike a balance between security and civil liberties when drafting legislation.


Students also expressed a sincere interest in the ideas and aspirations behind terrorism, from the common aims of Al-Qa’idah and Hizb ut-Tahrir in wanting to create a mythical caliphate, to the excessive Islamification of the Muslim identity based on ideas of Syed Qutb and others.


Former Islamist extremists address the global war on terrorism, Harvard Law Record, 18th September 2008