Quilliam Hosts Former US Ambassador to Pakistan Dr Cameron Munter

US-Pakistan Relations during the ‘War on Terror’ – The Inside Story

Tuesday 10th December 2013, 6:00pm – 7:30pm; Bloomsbury, Central London

Cameron Munter

Quilliam is honoured to host the former United States of America Ambassador to Pakistan, Dr Cameron Munter, for a public event to discuss US-Pakistan relations during the so-called ‘war on terror’ and the forthcoming US and NATO troop withdrawals from Afghanistan.

Ambassador Munter has had a distinguished career in the Foreign Service, working in Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Iraq and Serbia before he was sworn in as the Ambassador to Pakistan in 2010.

In Islamabad, Ambassador Munter presided over US-Pakistan relations during a tumultuous period that included the war on terror, increased drone warfare and the targeted killing of Osama bin Laden by members of the US Naval Special Warfare Development Group and CIA operatives in a covert operation ordered by President Barack Obama.

Next year, the US and NATO will withdraw from Afghanistan more than a decade after they went to eliminate the Taliban and al-Qaeda. This presents many opportunities and challenges for the region and concerns will continue about the links between members of Pakistan’s political and military establishments and armed groups in the region.

In an event chaired by Quilliam founder and chairman, Maajid Nawaz, we look forward to welcoming Ambassador Munter to talk about US-Pakistan relations during the war on terror and future challenges for international relations in the region, before opening up the discussion for a question and answer session.

If you are interested in attending this event, please contact Jonathan Russell by email ([email protected]) or phone (020 7182 7284) by midday on Monday 9 December 2013. We will then send you confirmation by email with information about the time and location of the event.