Quilliam’s Founder Maajid Nawaz and Artistic Director Nazish Khan are in Jerusalem to support the opening of our co-commissioned exhibition.

The exhibition, presented by Quilliam International and Art Cube Artists’ Studio, is set to explore non-binary identities and notions of authenticity within the geopolitical context of the region.

The Unmarked Body is an exhibition of photography, video, sculpture, installation and performance by artists exploring different aspects of identity and belonging in Israel. It is part of the Manofim contemporary art festival. The exhibition opening will reveal a performance by artist Maiada Aboud and new commissioned sculptural installations by Raafat Hattab and Hannan Abu-Hussein. Female and non-binary artists Raida Adon, Abu-Hussein, Aboud and Hattab explore notions of purity and authenticity in their geopolitical context. As bodies doubly “occupied” in faith-based and state-sponsored patriarchal systems, they engage in a discourse honouring intra-Arab dynamics.

The exhibition will run from 26th October 2018 to January 2019 at Art Cube Artists’ Studios Gallery on 26 HaUman St, Jerusalem, Israel.

Artists: Raida Adon, Hannan Abu-Hussein, Maiada Aboud and Raafat Hattab

Curator: Rachel Maggart

Wesbite: www.unmarkedbody.com

Events, 26th October 2018:

10:00 – 12:00 – Art Cube Artists’ Studios “artist appointments” at various venues in Talpiot, Jerusalem. Must be booked through Art Cube Artists’ Studios.

12:00 – 13:00 – Exhibition opening, including a performance by artist Maiada Aboud.


For further information about the event please contact:

London: Nazish Khan, [email protected], (+44) 020-7182-72831

Jerusalem: Dveer Shaked, [email protected], +972527464071