“Neo Nazism and Jihadism are two sides of the same coin”

Executive Director Quilliam US, Muhammad Fraser-Rahim, Ph.D. said:

“As a former counterterrorism analyst working within the US Government to track, disrupt, and deter individuals from going down the extremist pathway, I know that Jews are all too often in the crosshairs of extremists and hatemongers of all stripes. The suspected terrorist, Robert Bowers, appears to be a man who is steeped in the ideology of neo Nazism and conspiracism directed at Jews. Neo Nazism and Jihadism are two sides of the same coin. We must do everything we can to challenge and to root out the ideologies that drive hatred and violence against vulnerable communities.

Quilliam stands shoulder to shoulder with our Jewish brothers and sisters. Our thoughts are with the victims of these heinous acts and their families who must now rebuild their lives after the devastation of loss. ”

David Toube, Director of Policy, Quilliam International, said:

“The suspected terrorist, Robert Bowers, proudly displayed the legend ‘1488’ on his social media. That is a reference to the 14-word phrase coined by David Lane of The Order, a white supremacist paramilitary organisation: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children”. ‘88’ is neo-Nazi code which stands for “Heil Hitler”.

This phrase is depressingly familiar. It was also displayed in the social media of Dylann Roof, the man who murdered nine African Americans while at prayer in Charleston, SC.”

Haras Rafiq, CEO, Quilliam International, added:

“There is some indication that this synagogue was targeted because the congregants supported the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, a Jewish-American organization that helps refugees, many of whom are Muslim. The selflessness and charity of this congregation stands in contrast to the murderous hatred that drove this wicked man.”


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