3rd August 2015

Quilliam today releases the full version of a new counter-extremism video as part of our #NotAnotherBrother campaign.

The film, available at notanotherbrother.org, on Twitter and YouTube is part of a campaign to show the human cost of radicalisation to Islamist extremism.

The video depicts a young, British man in a war-zone, having travelled to join ISIL in Syria. Badly injured, he reads a moving letter from his older brother. In the letter, the older brother apologises for unintentionally contributing to his radicalisation. He reveals the link between extremist ideas and words and the violent actions that some, like his brother, take up.

The longer film sheds further light on a young jihadist’s pathway to ISIL while his older brother reveals the pain of his family and community.

Quilliam knows the damage terrorists do to the whole of society and believes that we can all come together to prevent extremism before it even turns to violence. We also recognise the pain that extremists inflict on families and communities and encourages others to stand up against and challenge all forms of extremism, even when they are non-violent, in order to promote dialogue and prevent division.

These films, generously supported through a crowdfunding campaign by a cross-section of the general public, are examples of counter-narrative videos. We are enormously grateful to all our supporters, as together we have all created content that can counter the influence of ISIL and more broadly challenge the extremist narratives and ideologies that threaten us all.

This video, and others we are working on, will be shown at our inaugural Summer Ball on 29 August in London. There are still some tickets available and we look forward to welcoming you at the event. To find more information and purchase tickets, please visit the website here:

We are also grateful to the work of Verbalisation, our partners in this project, who have provided excellent support in the research, production, and dissemination of this campaign.

Quilliam Chairman Maajid Nawaz says: “We hope to inspire others to be creative, think critically, and make counter-narrative content too. Only by uniting, as a civil society, behind human rights values and against the social ill of Islamist extremism, can we truly defeat it.”

View the short film here

Watch the long film here

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