Quilliam, the world’s first counter extremism think tank, is now able to offer you and your organisation its full range of training and consultancy services.  Quilliam were recently featured on CBS’s ’60 Minutes’ and CNN’s ‘Larry King Live’ and are to begin more work in the US. 

We employ a wide range of talented individuals, from former-Jihadists to individuals with backgrounds in journalism, government, industry and the military. Together we hope to offer our expertise, experience and knowledge in conjunction with any training programmes that you and your organisation may already have in place. 

Our training programmes aim to inform policymakers and practitioners of the ideology behind Islamist extremism and effective recommendations to challenge the narrative that breeds Islamist inspired terrorism. 

Our products and services include:

Radicalisation Awareness Programme – (RAP)

The ‘Radicalisation Awareness Programme’ (RAP) has been designed by former members of extreme Islamist groups who have first-hand knowledge and experience of the tactics, methods and strategies used by radical Islamist organisations and detailed knowledge of the Islamist ideology which is used to indoctrinate new recruits. The courses will look at recruitment techniques used by Islamist groups, a detailed analysis of the Islamist ideology and also provide participants with the knowledge to refute Islamist premises.  The courses appear in the format of a half-day workshop, a one-day beginner course and a two-day advanced programme. 

Quilliam’s Consultancy

Using our expertise, experience and extensive networks in this field, we are also able to offer a wide range of consultancy services including:

–          Advice on how to counter Islamist rhetoric

–          Guidance on the development of counter-extremism strategies

–          Expertise on the use of internet forums by jihadists

–          Bespoke briefings on extremist linked individuals and organisations

–          Bespoke analysis of specific countries or regions

–          Bespoke analysis of Islamist inspired insurgencies


Quilliam’s Cultural Competency Course

The ‘Cultural Competency’ course deals with general themes around Islam and Muslim culture, looking specifically at issues such as mosques, halal food and the hijab/niqab.  The courses are perfect for those looking for a basic understanding of the cultural aspects to being a Muslim. 
 In the US we have successfully provided training to, amongst others:

    The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) 

    The Department of Justice (DOJ)


In the UK, we have a proven track record and have trained over 2,000 public sector workers from a wide range of backgrounds including:



Quilliam is a not for profit organisation.  All revenue generated from our training and consultancy services will be used to further Quilliam’s charitable aims.                                                
If you would like any further information on any of the above please feel free to contact us through the details provided below or please visit our website:
[email protected]  +44 207 182 7281

Quilliam Outreach and Training Unit