Since the rebellion against Ghaddafi’s regime began, Quilliam has been at the forefront of explaining the fast developing situation to western and international audiences. It has done this through the broadcast media and  newspapers, through twitter and social media and through issuing strategic briefing papers to policy-makers.

Quilliam’s knowledge of the internal dynamics of Libya and its understanding of Middle Eastern political and religious trends has rapidly made it the ‘go-to’ source for up-to-the-minute analysis of breaking events in Libya.


Quilliam Urges Caution: It is not yet over in Libya – 22 August 2011

Libya after General Younis’s murder: Q and A with Noman Benotman – 3 August 2011

The Defection of Moussa Koussa – 31st March 2011

The Jihadist threat in Libya (Download as a PDF here) – 24 March 2011

Seven point plan for intervening in Libya (Download as a PDF here) – 12 March 2011

Building a Libyan coalition (Download as a PDF here) – 28 February 2011

Understanding the Libya uprising (Download as a PDF here) – 22 February 2011

Selected coverage:

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12 September 2011

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