3 March 2016

Applications are now open on a rolling basis for Quilliam’s exciting leadership programme for 16-24 year old students.

The Young Leaders Fellowship (YLF) invites a selection of young and engaged trailblazers and puts them through a rewarding leadership scheme. The YLF course aims to empower young men and women to confront extremism in all its forms and become role models in their communities. From debate training, to panel discussions with leading policy makers and influence figures, the YLF’s will have unparalleled access to the foremost minds in the fight against extremism and the opportunity to make their voices heard.

This programme confronts the greatest challenge facing our communities today, with rigour, excitement and the chance to build a network of likeminded friends across other schools and institutions. The scheme encourages open discussion, with Quilliam taking these views all the way to Number 10. It is a chance to actively contribute and shape the discussion around extremism, whilst developing applicable leadership skills.

What to expect:

  • Meet/Greet & Team Build – A day of brainstorming, outdoor adventure and debate
  • Talk Politics – Meet the policy makers, change the debate, make your voice heard
  • Theology and Interpretation – Understand the history, Q&A with the Sheiks, top up your knowledge
  • Art and the Media – Creating change through activism, express yourself, learn to inspire

On completion of the course, the Young Leadership Fellows will then be supported in presenting their findings and experiences to their schools, institutions and friends. Quilliam will also form an alumni society, which will aim to continue the dialogue, inspire the next intake and support one another as they continue their leadership journey.

Haras Rafiq, Managing Director comments:

The Young Leader scheme is a unique opportunity to get right to the heart of the defining issue of our age. What is fantastic is that the course is designed to be a two way flow of ideas – we will be learning just as much from the participants – taking their energy and ideas into our work in Westminster, communities and beyond. This is a chance to stand up, be counted and be heard.

Head of Policy Jonathan Russell says:

We have long approached the battle of ideas against extremism as a generational struggle. Engaging the next generation through the Young Leaders Fellowship is therefore essential. Young people often have the solution to some of the most turbulent issues our communities face – we just need to give them a platform.”

For more information on the course, please visit our website.

Additionally, please email [email protected] clearly stating Young Leaders Fellowship in the subject bar.