After eighteen months of fighting in the Syrian revolution against the al-Assad clan dictatorship, the world is still asking the same old questions – Who are the fighters? What do they stand for? Where are they from?

There is no doubt that the Syrian revolution is a crucial component of the Arab uprisings – a movement which itself is an attempt by millions of citizens of the Arab world to move from dictatorship to democracy. However, a minority of those fighting against the Assad regime have started to raise a number of questions and doubts among well-wishing observers. These are the Jihadists.

This report, “The Jihadist Network in the Syrian Revolution”, shines the spotlight on the activities of different Jihadist groups who are active in Syria, including foreign fighters. The report explains the network’s origins, background, goals and strategy, and seeks to analyse their future influence on the conflict.

Noman Benotman, President of Quilliam, says:

“We at Quilliam have drawn on our expert knowledge and connections within Syria and the surrounding region to offer an insight into the fighters’ aims – an angle that has not yet been examined by the media. We hope that this report will lead to a more balanced approach in future talks on the conflict”

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