On 2nd October 2009, Quilliam issued the following press release:

Libyan al-Qaeda affiliate revises stance on violence


Quilliam has today released the first selected translation of a new ‘refutation’ of al-Qaeda’s jihadist ideology written by the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, a jihadist group formerly affiliated to al-Qaeda.

The LIFG’s document, written by a number of the group’s senior leaders who are held in prison in Libya, is the latest document attacking al-Qaeda’s ideology to be released by former jihadists. The document has the potential to further damage al-Qaeda’s credibility and jihadist ideology as a whole.
Mohammed Ali Musawi, a research fellow at Quilliam and the translator of the document, says:

“The Libyan Islamic Fighting Group’s new document, combined with their public rejection of al-Qaeda, will probably come to play an important role in undermining al-Qaeda’s credibility in North Africa and in particular in discrediting Ayman al-Zawahiri, who has previously praised many of these Libyan jihadists by name. Al-Qaeda supporters will probably seek to discredit the document by attacking the motives of its writers – and particularly drawing attention to the fact that they are in prison – rather than addressing their arguments.

“It is therefore important to remain focused on the document’s arguments which significantly challenge several key aspects of modern jihadist thought – such as its prohibition on using force to depose the rulers of Muslim-majority countries – rather than seeking to analyse the motives of its authors.  It is therefore also important to note that the document falls short of rejecting all aspects of modern jihadist and takfiri thought, for example, referring to Iraq as an example of a ‘legitimate’ jihad.”

Quilliam’s translation is available online here.