Quilliam condemns this terrorist attack on London. We stand in solidarity with the victims and their families. We salute the professionalism of the emergency services. We call for resilient cities, resilient societies and a United Kingdom.

This shocking attack demonstrates the effect that ‘low tech – high impact’ terrorism, can have on our cities and daily lives. With the UK terror threat having remained at ‘severe’ for over two years now, we have been fortunate to avoid and prevent the more sophisticated attacks from which our European neighbours have suffered.

The terrorism we have seen in Westminster requires a varied, full spectrum response focusing on Prevention, Protection and Preparation. We must understand, that terrorism like this, does not represent an existential threat to our country or way of life.

Our tubes will continue to run, our businesses will remain open and our MP’s will reconvene in the ‘Mother of Parliaments’. Knee-jerk responses and sensationalism must be avoided. Terrorism cannot be allowed to govern our reactions through fear and the oxygen of mass publicity. We must avoid seemingly quick fix solutions, such as rushed legislation and hard security.

Quilliam CEO Haras Rafiq says:

“To prevent, limit and destroy, the intent and capability of violent individuals and organisations to do us harm, we must tackle the Islamist and other ideologies, and narratives, that legitimise such violence. We must build grassroots resilience and skilled intervention providers in all sectors of society. And we must come together united and not divided.”