Quilliam stands in #Solidarity with Orlando and with persecuted sexual minorities everywhere against this despicable act of jihadist terrorism in Florida. The worst terror attack on American soil since 9/11 should repulse us all. Regardless of religious affiliation, or sexual orientation, we all have a responsibility to challenge extremism, wherever it arises, and against whomever.

The extremist gunman targeted a gay nightclub in Orlando. Let us remember the 50 victims of this homophobic attack as citizens, sons, daughters, mothers and fathers. The hard-won struggle for sexual liberation stands as one of the cornerstones of Western democratic achievement, yet sexual minorities continue to suffer under theocratic regimes and are targeted in attacks like this. Please join Quilliam in condemning all homophobia and standing up for our shared values.

In just the first seven days of the holy month of Ramadan, various jihadists have carried out attacks in Istanbul, Tel Aviv, Baghdad, Damascus, Idlib, Orlando and Beirut in the name of an ideology: Islamism. This global jihadist insurgency threatens every corner of the globe and we call on everyone – Muslims or not – to unite with the victims of terror in challenging the theocratic ideology of Islamism, and we call for peace not prejudice.

Quilliam cautions against reacting to terrorism and extremism with knee-jerk policy responses and anti-Muslim violence. Such securitisation and division is the aim of terrorist groups – let us instead respond with long-term preventative strategies, solidarity with humanity, and a values-based defence of our hard-won secular liberal democratic freedoms.

#Solidarity #Unbroken