on 23rd December 2009, Quilliam issued the following press release:

Quilliam, the UK’s first counter-extremism think-tank, has trained over 1,000 British public sector workers during 2009. This training, delivered by Quilliam’s dedicated  Outreach and Training Unit, has educated key government employees about the differences between Islam and Islamism, taught them about how radicalisation occurs and trained them in how to identify and tackle different types of extremism, including far-right extremism. Throughout these sessions, Quilliam has taught trainers the importance of distinguishing between ordinary, observant Muslims and extremists.

Training has been delivered to a number of key government bodies including the Home Office, the UK Border Agency, the Charity Commission, local councils and a large number of regional police forces. Additional training courses have been delivered to British imams and in Pakistan and the US.

Talal Rajab, a trainer with Quilliam, says:

‘Our programmes develop capacity within local authorities to recognise signs of extremism, differentiate between religious and ideological expression, enable direct engagement for those who are suitably placed to do so, highlight current trends of extremist movements and discuss potential methods of engagement with individuals who are vulnerable to radicalisation. They also give practitioners and policy makers from a wide range of backgrounds the confidence and assurance to make appropriate interventions where necessary.

‘So far our training has been extremely successful and very well received. It has increased the confidence amongst public sector workers to deal with radicalisation in a positive and productive manner.  Many of our trainees have left our training programmes with a great deal of knowledge that they had not previously held, and for this reason I feel proud of the success that our unit has achieved. I look forward to working with other bodies in the coming year.’

For further information about Quilliam’s training courses, please see our website here or email [email protected].

In addition to training government staff, Quilliam staff have also delivered numerous talks and workshops in local communities in London and Northern England. They have also taken part in speaking and debating events in a number of major universities as well as in schools in London and the Midlands. To arrange for Quilliam members, including former Islamist extremists, to take part in an event, please contact [email protected].