On 26th May 2009, Quilliam sent out the following announcement:


Quilliam has sent a letter to the imams of over 800 British mosques urging them to remind their congregations to vote against the British National Party in the forthcoming European elections.


The BNP is a racist party that aims to deport non-white people from the UK – and much of its recent campaigning has been specifically focused against British Muslims.


Quilliam believes that, through voting against the BNP, British Muslims can help their fellow citizens to defeat the BNP’s extreme and racist ideologies and to defend Britain’s liberal, democratic values.


Quilliam’s letter to British mosques:

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In the Name of Allah the Beneficent, the Merciful


And help one another in goodness and piety, and do not help one another in sin and aggression; and be careful of (your duty to) Allah. [Qur’an 5:2]


Use your vote. Block the extremist BNP

26th May 2009


Dear Imam/ Committee member,


Assalamu Alaikum, we pray this letter finds you well.


The leader of the racist British National Party, Nick Griffin has called Islam a ‘vicious wicked faith’ as well as saying that Islam ‘has expanded through a handful of cranky lunatics.’ Appearing in a BBC interview, Griffin also said ‘You give me 20 minutes or an hour – a special programme to dissect the Koran and I will show you that we have a monster in our midst.’ These are clear lies that are hurtful to us all.


As we prepare for the European parliamentary elections due to be held on June 4th, we would like to humbly remind all our brothers and sisters of the importance of using our votes to help prevent the racist and extremist BNP from gaining seats. The BNP is a racist party that has called for the deportation of ethnic minorities.


It is especially important for Muslims to vote at this time of low voter turn-out as the BNP has strategically targeted areas with large Muslim populations. We urge you to vote against the BNP in these key areas in order to send a clear message that we −¬ as British Muslims – are an integral part of modern British society and that we are opposed to extremism in all its forms.


Finally, as with the Muslim Council of Britain, we would like to kindly ask your Mosque Imam to remind the Jum’a congregation on Friday to vote on June 4th. By voting against the BNP, you will be doing the country and British Muslims a great service and helping to defend our country’s liberal and democratic traditions.


Sincerely and with salaams,


Your brothers and sisters