On 12th June 2009 Ishtiaq Hussain took part in a roundtable discussion on the recent European election results and the election of two British National Party (BNP) MEPs. 


The meeting was arranged by Fiyaz Mughal of Faith Matters, an organization which works to reduce conflict in local areas and was facilitated by Winston Pickett, Director of the European Institute for the Study of Contemporary Anti-Semitism. Also present at the meeting were: the British Board of Deputies of British Jews, a representative of the Sikh community, the Three Faiths Forum and a representative of the Liberal Democrats. The aim of the meeting was to find the ways in which different faiths could work together to counter the BNP.


It was agreed that an inter-faith and inter-communities forum needed to be created that would meet regularly and come up with ideas to counter the BNP. Also greater co-operation between faith groups was needed to raise awareness of the threats posed by the BNP.