Quilliam is delighted to announce the start of a seven-week conversation about Islam, from Monday 11th July to Friday 26th August 2016, through the lens of our Theology and Outreach team, using the hashtag #MyIslam. Watch the trailer video for #MyIslam here!

With the holy month of Ramadan over for another year, and the celebrations of Eid behind us, #MyIslam looks to the future and delves into the unique journeys of a variety of different Muslims and their interpretations of faith.

We see that this diversity not only binds them together and makes them stronger, but is one of the transcending elements in the rich tapestry and heritage of Islam. Quilliam’s staff agree on Islam’s beauty, its values, and its importance in their lives, despite minor disagreements in their personal interpretations of it.

Often, a binary vision and teaching of Islam dominates our news channels and our discussions, stripping it of its intellectual heritage and bedrock of pluralism and tolerance. #MyIslam celebrates that latter history and shows that Islam can also be a strong alternative to Islamist extremism, and is compatible with liberal values and universal human rights.

Each week, we will be introducing you to a different member of our team who will guide you through their work and their journeys, and answer your questions interactively. From post-Salafi Sheikhs and Al-Azhari scholars, to female Sufi academics and Iraqi Shias – Quilliam will shine a light on the diversity and pluralism within the faith.

We don’t represent Islam and we’re not a Muslim organisation. But we think that it is often the most extreme and the most violent that have the loudest voices. And we want to change that. So please look out for exciting new content and open your eyes to the variety of opinions on offer.

Different voices. Informed voices. Muslim voices.

#MyIslam. What’s yours?