Press Release

26 October 2015


We are all losing the fight against ISIS’s slick media propaganda, luring our vulnerable young people.  It is creating hostilities, myths and tensions in our communities.

This ends now





We must step up to the mark. Through passion, unity and creative noise, we must drown out the ISIS message and give young people other ways to negotiate their angst, dispel their propaganda and widen the debate.

We must deny ISIS the ability to move freely into our communities and online spaces. Together we can mobilise creativity and grassroots activism, which can safeguard our young people and build bridges in our communities.

Support this campaign
and join the fightback

We will be compiling a series of hard-hitting and emotionally electrifying creative projects, engaging the whole spectrum of our society: vulnerable people, schools, artists, campaigners, community groups and interfaith groups.

These projects will be offered concurrently over a six-week period in 2016.

The video NEGOTIATE is a snap shot into the disturbing kaleidoscope of issues and pressures which young people have to negotiate. These are STUDENT poems and STUDENT words, created by young people during Quilliam’s innovative outreach in schools.

Without you, the tragedy of radicalisation will continue

Enough is enough


•ISIS are radicalising our young. We intercept the development of extremist ideas and encourage dialogue, then shape their words into artistic expression through creative workshops. NEGOTIATE is one such outcome.

•ISIS are destroying Art and History like in Palmyra. We will be working with artists to create symbolic and poignant art.

•ISIS are repressing women. We are working with victims of gender extremism and empowering women to tell their stories.

•ISIS are murdering the LGBT community. We will provide safe spaces and visual engagements for us to discuss Islam and the rights of LGBT Muslims.

•ISIS are tearing apart our communities. We will foster interfaith discussions and displays of intercommunity solidarity.

•ISIS are trying to recruit our young minds at universities. We will launch the #FreeToBe campaign across campuses, challenging their views through film and social media.

Like a virus, ISIS spreads everywhere. Our videos, words and solidarity will confront them. Together, we can slowly, but surely, eradicate their presence.

Extremists are a small minority, but a loud one

We can shout louder


Thanks to your support over the last year, we have already made several counter-narrative films, such as #NotAnotherBrother, which has been shortlisted for three industry awards and has had over half a billion impressions all over the world.

Donate now and your support will help us drive this vital project onward and continue our work at the grassroots, ensuring your contributions are used directly where they are needed.