On 30th June 2009 Ghaffar Hussain, Head of Quilliam Training and Outreach, was invited to speak by the National Association of British Pakistanis (NABPAK) at a seminar in the House of Commons entitled ‘Tackling extremism and terrorism, in Pakistan and Britain’. Other speakers included Mohammad Sarwar MP, Imam Dr Abduljalil Sajid, Dr Tahir Abbas, Maqsood Ahmed OBE, Cllr Mushtaq Lasharie and HE Wajid Shamsul Hasan. Ghaffar spoke about the need to promote positive role models amongst Pakistani youth and to tackle the culture of denial and deflection which results in the promotion of far-fetched conspiracy theories as opposed to objective political analysis.


All speakers agreed that Islam condemns extremism and Pakistan has a long and illustrious history of spiritual and peaceful Islamic movements. They also emphasized the need to address economic, educational and political policies in this area because they impact the lives and thoughts of people who share a Pakistani heritage.