While societies around the world now put an unprecedented degree of trust in science, community faith in science is still far from absolute. How has this faith in science developed over time and what are its implications? Quilliam’s Dr Usama Hasan addressed the Muslim Institute’s 2013 Winter Gathering on 30th November, on the topic of ‘Muslim Creationism: what happens when communities reject science?’, looking at the debates surrounding the acceptance of creationism in Muslim communities.

The Muslim Institute is an organisation which promotes thought, knowledge, creativity and debate within the Muslim community and society at large. Its 2013 Winter Gathering took place at between the 29th November and 1st December at Sarum College, Salisbury, and assembled some of the world’s leading scientists, philosophers and historians to debate the relationship between societies and science. In addition to Dr Hasan, speakers included Emilie Savage-Smith, professor of the history of Islamic Medicine at the University of Oxford, and Ziauddin Sardar, author of Explorations in Islamic Science.

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