Volunteer Opportunities

Location: Central London

Quilliam is currently seeking volunteers, principally for its research department. Successful volunteers will be asked to assist on a variety of projects involving research into domestic and international extremism. If desired, they can also attend think tank and policy events across London (with or on behalf of Quilliam) and will be encouraged to contribute to our online media presence. There will also be opportunities to assist in the daily operational running of a think tank and its fundraising activity.

As it is on a volunteer basis, there will be no fixed hours and attendance is flexible. Travel expenses of up to £12.50 per day will be paid.

Ideal candidates will have:

• strong undergraduate degree in a relevant discipline
• experience in academic research
• firm commitment to the work and aims of Quilliam
• strong interest in – and demonstrable knowledge of – radicalisation and extremism-related issues
• excellent command of English, written and verbal

Desirable attributes are:
• Master’s degree in a relevant field
• good command of Arabic, Farsi or Urdu, written and verbal
• experience in media and/or frontline communications
Send an email to [email protected] to apply or to ask further questions.