The Growth Of Mobile Payment Methods (2023)

As the iGaming industry has evolved over the past few years, new and improved payment methods have become essential. In the past, you could only place bets at a street bookie or a land-based online casino, but in the last couple of decades, everything has changed.

Therefore, the rise of online gambling sites introduced innovative payment methods. In recent years, mobile payments popularity has gone through the roof, as people tend to spend more time on their mobile phones than their desktop computers or laptops.

With all that being said, let’s take a closer look at the main benefits of using mobile payment methods at your favorite online casinos.

How Mobile Payment Methods Work

How Mobile Payment Methods Work

Mobile payments in online casinos epitomize simplicity and efficiency. It’s vital to recognize that certain methods, like pay-by-phone, are primarily oriented toward deposits. Therefore, when considering withdrawals, one would need to scout for other alternatives.

Apple Pay has emerged as a standout among mobile payment methods. Beyond pay-by-phone, players can also embrace Payforit for sports betting, with both mechanisms operating similarly. Utilizing these techniques, players can effortlessly allocate their phone bill balance towards online gambling deposits.

This innovative approach functions by associating your deposit amount with the phone number registered at the online casino. Consequently, your deposits get deducted from your subsequent monthly phone bill.

Safety remains a paramount advantage when opting for mobile payments. Players aren’t burdened with the task of disclosing sensitive financial details. A mere mobile number suffices, which, after input, mandates a swift SMS verification to finalize the procedure.

Furthermore, the consistent nature of mobile payment methods is a breath of fresh air, especially when juxtaposed against the sometimes erratic behavior of cryptocurrencies.

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How to Get Started With Mobile Payments at an Online Casino

As mentioned above, using mobile payments at your favorite online gambling site requires you to follow just a few simple steps:

  • Register at any online casino that accepts mobile payments. The registration process is usually short and won’t take more than a few minutes.
  • Choose your payment method; you can always select “pay-by-phone” as your option.
  • Enter the amount you wish to deposit; remember that different sites may have different deposit limits.
  • Enter a mobile number; the casino will immediately send you a verification SMS.
  • Check the number and begin playing.

So, now, hopefully, you have secured some winnings, and it will be time to make a withdrawal. Unfortunately, you cannot use mobile payment methods for your withdrawals, so you will need to choose a different option.

Thankfully, some payment methods like VISA and MasterCard are always available at online casinos, as world trends show that people tend to rely more and more on credit cards.

Different Apps to Use on Pay-By-Phone

Different Apps to Use on Pay-By-Phone

At the moment, pay-by-phone is by far the most popular mobile payment method at online casinos. There are a few apps associated with pay-by-phone, and they include:

  • Apple Pay: this option is meant for iOS devices, and it is one that has followed all the trends in the industry. Recently, it was announced that Apple users will be able to send money to each other, and it also allows you to make withdrawals.
  • Boku: this is one of the most popular methods currently available on online gambling sites. It works everywhere in the world—the UK, USA, and Asia—but remember that not all networks are supported by the app, so you need to double-check it before you start playing.
  • Zimpler: This is a payment solution designed specifically for the mobile platform and is particularly popular in Scandinavian countries. The service simplifies the payment process and allows for both deposits and withdrawals from a variety of online casinos. However, it’s important to note that Zimpler is not as widely accepted as Boku or Apple Pay.
  • Google Pay: Primarily designed for Android users, Google Pay is another widely accepted mobile payment method. Like Apple Pay, it too allows users to send money to one another and make withdrawals. Google Pay also utilizes tokenization for secure transactions and is available in numerous countries across the globe.
  • PayPal: A pioneer in online payment processing, is also a popular payment option for online wagering sites. It is a dependable option due to its vast reach and stringent security measures. It is compatible with both iOS and Android devices and supports both deposits and withdrawals.
  • PayForIt: A mobile payment method located in the United Kingdom that is supported by major network providers such as Vodafone, O2, 3, and EE. It permits users to make deposits at online casinos, which are then added to their monthly phone charge or deducted from their prepaid balance. PayForIt is a straightforward and secure payment option that does not require a bank account or credit card details. However, it is essential to note that withdrawals are not supported, so an alternative approach will be required.

Various studies are currently being conducted to demonstrate how popular mobile payments are around the world. One such research study conducted in North America shows that people tend to lean more toward using mobile payments in every aspect of their lives.

Understandably, that is a trend that has transmitted into online gambling as well, so if you are not sure where to get started in your gambling journey, then mobile payments might be the ideal start.

Verdict – the Future is Bright

paying with phone

Overall, we can just stand and admire the pace at which mobile payments have taken over the entire gambling world.

Every day, we witness new and better offers by online casinos everywhere in the world, so options like pay-by-phone will surely be appealing to plenty of customers.

There are plenty of benefits that you will be able to enjoy when using a pay-by-phone payment method, with security and simplicity being the main ones.

Sometimes, it may seem intimidating for newbies to get started in an online casino, but options like pay-by-phone help users get started in a simple way, so we can only assume that the future of mobile payments in the gambling sector is very bright.